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Im Silka. 33, self taught Brixton based practising artist.


With roots in Sweden most of my work has at least one recycled or reused element.

I have always been keen on recycling and believe that anything can be reused for a better cause may it be a broken chair, TV screen or unloved canvas.


All my work is based on impressions of London, the every day life , friends and the memories from choices we all go through.

Recently music has also become a big part of my creativity.


Over the last two years I have tried to find “my style” and adventured into most art forms with the exception of photography.

I have found that the one thing that goes as a red line through my work are shapes and my hope of expression light.


At this moment I'm working mainly with watercolour and ink and also find it fascinating to work with installations.


Please have a look under gallery and exhibition for my work.


I can not yet solidly survive on my art but since quitting a long chef career for freelance painting and decorating at least I found more time to spend in my studio.

For my painting and decorating work please visit








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